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"There are not many bands that, after two decades of continuous musical activity, would dare to explore new sounds and yet still remain experimentally oriented within the borders of ethno enjoyable jazz. This is what defines Jazoo."

- Nina Novak , SIGIC Music Review Post

JAZOO's music is very hard to define, because the members come from various backgrounds and have been differently influenced on, which can of course be sensed in their musical work. Although a lot of critics classifies them in the jazz category, they prefer the term 'improvised music', because besides jazz they incorporate also other 'impro-elements' of etno, electronic, nu-jazz, fusion and ambient, and lately we can feel more and more so called scandinavian jazz in their creations. Scandinavian jazz is based on minor scales, it is very positively melancholic and above all very melodious.

The music is authorial, full of surprises and mostly instrumental, because the group wishes to continue in their primary direction. The vocal also comes in view, but the other instruments usually do not allow the vocal to take the lead. JAZOO does not set any limitations, but it simply surrenders to the creative energy and the feel of freedom, from which the members absorb the power and the inspiration.

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